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Jul 2012251 wins out of 274 signals = 92% success rate

Aug 2012: 252 wins out of 283 signals = 89% success rate

Sep 2012240 wins out of 303 signals = 89% success rate

Oct 2012251 wins out of 303 signals = 89% success rate

Nov 2012252 wins out of 294 signals = 86% success rate

Dec 2012: 215 wins out of 250 signals = 86% success rate

Jan 2013: 256 wins out of 293 signals = 87% success rate

Feb 2013: 240 wins out of 279 signals = 86% success rate

Mar 2013246 wins out of 276 signals = 89% success rate

Apr 2013: 261 wins out of 290 signals = 90% success rate

May 2013: 289 wins out of 317 signals = 91% success rate

Jun 2013: 261 wins out of 274 signals = 92% success rate

Jul 2013267 wins out of 314 signals = 85% success rate

Aug 2013: 270 wins out of 312 signals = 87% success rate

Sep 2013: 250 wins out of 281 signals = 89% success rate

Oct 2013: 241 wins out of 274 signals = 88% success rate

Nov 2013: 236 wins out of 260 signals = 91% success rate

Dec 2013: 189 wins out of 211 signals = 90% success rate

Jan 2014: 241 wins out of 283 signals = 85% success rate

Feb 2014: 242 wins out of 280 signals = 86% success rate

Mar 2014: 217 wins out of 253 signals = 86% success rate

Apr 2014: 190 wins out of 228 signals = 83% success rate

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binary options
There's no real competition in the industry. Binary Options Live Signals stood out above all
Actual Client

binary options
Binary Options Live Signals have changed my life and my life goals
Actual Client

binary options
The sky is the limit with Binary Option trading. There is so much potential to gain, enormous amounts of money. Through Binary Options Live Signals I received the tools and the help that I needed to continue to advance in my knowledge of Binary Option trading and because of that now we are able to go on to places that we were never able to go before.
Actual Client

binary options
BOLS has a very enthusiastic and helpful staff. Customer Service is not a department here; it appears to be a lifestyle with all employees. It’s a great trading experience to be part of their team. Special thanks to my account manager Kristine Collins.
Actual Client

binary options
Binary Options Live Signals were consistent over and over. That can’t be denied.
Actual Client

binary options
My employment opportunities are limited because of my medical problems. I need to supplement my income to pay for medications and doctors and tests etc. I’m also concerned about my eventual retirement. My plan was to hope that my heart quits before my savings do. Not the greatest way to live.
This Binary Option that I stumbled upon is perfect for me. If I can become a successful trader, I’ll have the money that I need to live on now and in the future. Just knowing that I may succeed at this changes the way I feel about life. I’ve even been able to help some of my family members who are having financial problems.
So the bottom line is that you have changed my life. You’re always friendly, patient and you know how to win trades
Actual Client
The following testimonial is from an actual BOLS client who has elected to remain anonymous for personal reasons. This client was able to grow his account from $3,500 to over $29,000 in about one month.

Trading or speculating on the financial markets involves risk to your capital. You should be fully aware of these risks prior to trading.
Although the risk with digital options is fixed and limited to your initial investment, it is still possible to lose all your investment.
As with all forms of financial speculation you should use a proper money management strategy and familiarize yourself with the risks prior to trading.

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